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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
Here are a few of the questions we are most asked.
Please email us with any questions you may have.


Are there any grants available I have there are European grants on solar electric and how much do Iberdrola give you back for your surplus electric you do not use?

Firstly there are no grants available from Spain and there are European grants if you are a company and your installation is more than 6,000,000euros yes (6 million euros) look at this link it exsplains everything I know there are companies saying there are grants but not for householders.(they are misleading people) Secondly you do not get anything back from Iberdrola for the surplus electricity you do not use this again is misleading people to get your installation and later it will never happen..

The first thing you need to do is register your installation with the (Ministry of Industria) before the installation takes place because many installers will tell you,, we get the paperwork after installation (and many people now know this will never happen) And getting permission from Iberdrola ( Iberdrola do not want anybody to have solar for electric so they are not going to give you permission)The only permission you need is from the Ministry of Industria.

I want a solar hot water system that works all year round because I am mostly here in Winter.

Firstly solar is not a primary source of heat solar always needs a backup especially in Winter when the sun is at its lowest you can run through a boiler for backup or an electrical element can be fitted but this is not the best way to backup the solar.

You gave us a price for solar pool heating,I have had other quotes but they want to fit the rubber matted panels and they say it runs nearly all year could you explain the difference.

Our pool system is proper glass panels heat exchanger etc. It is far superior to the rubber matted system we can fit you the rubber matted system for nearly half price but you would be disappointed, and anybody who tells you that solar will work all year round without a back up is not giving you good advice.

I want to cut down my bills for the central heating, electric bills etc. and I was thinking some sort of solar can this be done.

Anything can be done but with solar. Solar for heating with solar water panels is best running at low tempreature with underfloor heating or low tempreature radiators that would do your heating, water and pool heating but always would need a backup in Winter Or you could go for solar electric to run a heat pump that would run low tempreature radiators and also provide hot there are a lot of options but I would say to you always get somebody to size up the installation because with solar if you go for the cheapest you may end up paying twice.

Pool heating I want a good system that is easy to use any ideas.

Well yes there are solar systems, heat pumps and bio-fuel boilers these are the options you can fit in Spain because you are not allowed to fit gas or oil boilers because of the green house gases.But we fit a solar system that is the best on the market with Vaillant glass panels Astral pool titanium heat exchanger all pipework in copper fully automatic us and you will not be disapointed.

Does Solar central heating really work?

Yes it does, but it has to be installed right. Everyone needs to think about running costs, not just the prices today but the prices in 10 years time. Once a solar system is fitted it gives years of cheap energy. If fuel prices continue to rise as they are solar can save a huge amount of money.

For any one having a house built solar underfloor heating is the way to go. Northern Europeans love it, especially Norwegians. But it will still needs a fuel back up over the winter months. Again Northern Europeans are choosing heat pumps as back up but you can use gas or oil. If your house is already built you can use low temperature radiators instead of the underfloor system. We really feel that solar is the way to go, it's clean, it's safe and it's cheap to run .

I have heard some bad things about solar, my neighbours can't get his repaired. It's only 2 years old.

OK we have heard story's like this too. In fact I could write a book about it, and I'm sorry for your neighbours. The sad fact us there are many so-called installers out there who do not know what they are doing. As with all things in Spain there are rules and regulations and many people believe that if a system has been approved in Europe that that covers all Europe. However there are vastly different temperatures in different parts of Europe.

Systems that are used in Northern Europe or even Northern Spain should not be used for the Mediterranean countries. The tubular systems should not be fitted here. They will crack. Some people have been told to cover their solar with a blanket in the summer! Solar when fitted correctly is a fully automated system, it's safe, it's clean and it gives you free hot water. Be careful with the cheap imported Chinese solar panels that have no guarantee or back up service. All our systems come with a 5 year guarantee from a top manufacturer eg Ariston, Wolf, Junkers, Sonnenkraft.
Solar Panels

Why do I have to cover my solar panel with a blanket in summer?

Well the short answer is you shouldn't have to. If you have the correct system fitted, it looks after itself. I suspect you have a tubular system instead of the flat panel. As we have said many times the tubes should not be fitted in this area, they simply get too hot and if they do not have enough room to expand they crack and break.

Do I need my solar serviced?

Yes, once a year the fluid needs replacing, we can do this for you.

Central Heating

Bio Fuel

I want to have central heating but also heat my pool with the same boiler, is that possible?

Well you can but not with a gas or oil boiler the only boiler you could do this with is a bio fuel boiler then you can have central heating heat your pool all year round and heat your hot water.Give us a call and we can make an appointment and give you a free estimate.

I am looking for central heating I do not want to pay a lot for running costs or installation because I don/t live here all year round and somebody said gas with a gas tank what do you think.

Gas would probably be your best option or oil, but gas not with a gas tank because you have to rent your gas tank and if with the mini 1000 if you do not use 500kilos in a year you get a fine your best bet is to have small propane bottles not(butane) because they are subsidised by the goverment and can only go up with inflation. Remember do not use butane on a central heating system.

My neighbour has had solar central heating fitted and the company told me if I had it put in at the same time they would give me a discount I am glad I did not take the offer up because it never works when he needs it,,He has 5 radiators and a panel with a big tank attached do you think he needs a bigger tank.

No I think he needs to try and get his money back, He has not got solar central heating he has a water kit connected to radiators it will never work and this is what gets installers a bad name all round.He would have been better talking to people first without jumping in but he wants to report the installers.

I have been thinking of having electric radiators fitted because they run for a euro a day I have been told what do you think?

If they run at a euro a day dont you think all spanish people would have them,Electric radiators are very exspensive to run and they do not give the heat out like other radiators .To be honest we take a lot of electric radiators out because the clients are to scared to put them on and the heat output is poor.

I am on a really tight budget, what is the cheapest central heating system to run?

Bio-fuel or solar using underfloor heating.

I am on a really tight budget, what is the cheapest central heating system to run?

Bio-fuel or solar using underfloor heating.

Do condensing boilers really save money?

Condensing boilers work better with low temperature systems low temperature radiators or underfloor heating then you could save your self up to 30% in fuel costs but with ordinary radiators you are running at high temperature so 8% to 10% would be the best you could hope for.

I brought my boiler from the UK but can't find anyone to service it for me can you help?

This is difficult, the problem with this is, if you need spare parts you can only get then from the UK. All servicing in Spain is either done by a multi-servicing company or by the manufacturers own technical backup. If you give us a ring we will try to find some one for you.

What guarantee does my boiler have?

All boilers are covered by a 2 year guarantee, but you must have the boiler commissioned when fitted, and serviced after the first year. We will sort that out for you.

Can I have my boiler fitted in the kitchen?

Yes you can have a balanced flue.

Why can't I fit my own gas boiler?

Because all gas installers have to be qualified, insured and registered with the Board of Industry.

My installer was CORGI registered in the UK why can't he get my gas contract?

CORGI registration is not recognised in Spain, you have to register with the Board Of Industry. Rules and regulations are completely different here in Spain. As we are registered gas installers we get gas contracts and do inspections.

Can I choose which gas boiler to have, I like the Valiant?

We fit what ever boiler you prefer, Valiant, Junkers, Wolf , Ariston, Imergas etc.

I've heard a lot about bogus gas inspectors what can I do to protect myself?

Everyone has to a a 5 year gas inspection. It is the law. It is normally done by the person or company that installed the gas system. They should always contact you by telephone first. Always ask for identification, for example a business card and if you are unsure tell them to call at a another time, this gives you time to phone the company and make sure they are genuine. Never agree to work being done with out an estimate.
Central Heating

There is no space under my floor can I still have central heating?

Of course, but it will have to be surface run. There are many solutions to this problem we need to see the house first, so give us a ring and we will get someone to call and see you.

I prefer steel radiators to aluminium do you fit them?

Yes of course.

Over the summer we have lots of family staying with us and although we have 3 bathrooms we can only get hot water in one at a time. It's a nightmare waiting for the shower. Is there anything you can do with out it costing me a fortune?

Yes there are several solutions. if your visitors come mostly in the summer how about a solar with accumulator for hot water. Once fitted it will cost hardly anything to run. You can also have an boiler with an accumulator but this is more expensive to run.
The cheapest way is to get the family to stay in a hotel!!


Gas Installations

Do you do 5yr gas inspections, mine is due?

Yes we do all inspections and gas installations well every thing to do with gas we are registered gas installers with the Ministry of Industria and also for gas tanks ,large and small propane bottles.

I have had central heating fitted and I am still waiting for my paperwork after 2yrs can you help?

Yes no problem depending on if the installation is correct the only thing I can see is if it has not been installed correctly we might have to change a few things.

What system is the cheapest to run gas or oil?

Gas run from small bottles is the cheapest way to buy gas. It's a third cheaper than large bottles and tanks where you also have the cost of tank rental. However some people find small bottles inconvenient. There is not a lot of difference between oil and gas in large bottles and tanks.

Can I have my oil tank out side?

Some oil tanks are made for outdoors and some installers will fit them out doors but we do not recommend it. The heat over the summer months can cause condensation that mixes with the oil and damages your boiler. They should never be in direct sunlight. But give us a ring and we will give you more advice about that.

I have small gas bottles for my central heating but this year the gas froze, anything I can do about it?

I take it you have small butane bottles, you really really need to change to propane. It's cleaner for your boiler a little cheaper to run and you won't have the problem of freezing.



I want an air con but I do not want to spend a lot what models do you put in?

Well we only fit good brands Panasonic, Vaillant, Mitsubishi then you do not get a lot of problems if you go for a cheaper brand you can get problems we have been here 20yrs and we have fitted cheaper units but have had problems (fit once not twice).

I have had 3 air conditioning units fitted and there is water coming out of the indoor unit but the company who fitted them said it is normal at first is that right?

No it is not normal. When on cold the internal unit overflows, so there is a problem with the waste. It is either blocked, twisted, or not running down hill.

I want air conditioning in the bedrooms what is the quietest machine?

I would say Panasonic.

What about air conditioning for heating my home?

Air conditioning for a small house can work well but is expensive to run. However when the temperature drops to around freezing they can struggle and you will find you get cold spots. As heat exchangers they rely on a certain amount of out side heat. To heat larger homes because of the running costs we would not recommend them. But it's wonderful in the summer!

My air conditioning needs re-gassing, can you do that?

Yes, give us a ring.

Which air conditioning do you recommend?

It depends, we find Panasonic is the best all round, good quality, good back up service and very quiet. But again not the cheapest system. There are several good makes out there and we will fit which ever you prefer.

Pool Heating

Heat Pumps

I do live here all year and I want to be able to use my swimming pool when I am here what is the best way to heat it all year. I know solar will not do it.

Well there are 3 ways you could do it.

1 with an all year round heat pump but would cost you a lot to run in the Winter months.

2 You could use a bio fuel boiler which would heat it all year round and in Winter would be a lot cheaper to run.

3 The last option would be to use solar but to back it up with a heat pump or bio fuel boiler this would be the cheapest running cost but not the cheapest installation costs.

Give us a call and we can call and give you some advice.

I want to heat my pool but I have heard the heat pumps are expensive to run is there an alternative?

Yes solar, it may not be as cheap to install as a heat pump, but the running costs are virtually nil. It will extend the season from March to around October and in our opinion is the best system to use.

Can I heat my pool with gas or oil?

It's best to ring us about this because it's a bit complicated. You can if you also have a cubical fitted. Or you can use gas and oil to back up a solar system but give us a ring lots of rules and regulation about this. Have you thought about bio-fuel?

We also install water softerners,new bathrooms ,pellet fires boilers ect.

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